UK is top three for international business

The UK has been revealed as the third most popular location in the world for international work, behind the USA and China only, according to new research, reported by Business Matters Magazine

Despite concerns around Brexit, the United Kingdom was the third most common place to be sent on an international assignment. This equates to almost 1-10 international business assignments arranged for the UK. Despite concerns over the Trump administration USA sees nearly a fifth of international secondments and continues to be a vastly popular business destination making it the number one destination for assignees. China is the second most common location, reflecting its open rhetoric towards foreign investment and international business.

That said, Brexit appears to have had an impact already on the numbers of workers being sent from the United Kingdom on secondment or assignment to locations around the world. The report shows a decline in the number of workers being sent abroad from the UK. In 2016, 13 per cent of all international assignments were for employees based in the UK, falling to 9 per cent this year.

The new report acknowledges that relocations and assignments are becoming increasingly complicated more generally. Despite business leaders believing employee mobility is needed for commercial growth, it is also noted that immigration complications and the changed political climate are threatening international mobility. To manage both business leaders’ and employees’ expectations on the potentially slower pace of enabling relocations, global mobility teams need to be proactively engaging business leaders to ensure they are involved at the earliest intentions of an international assignment and ensure processes are in place to facilitate mobility.

As it stands the UK remains in second place, as the largest sending country, however, the drop from 13 per cent share to 9 per cent is significant. Some UK companies are utilising other shorter term approaches including business traveller solutions and are more hesitant about committing to long term assignment programmes. The pressure is on Global Mobility professionals to support their businesses’ with appropriate solutions to facilitate mobility whilst the uncertainty persists.

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